How Can I Increase My Bookings?

Consistent bookings are the bedrock of being able to predict your income. In other posts, (here and here) I talk about times of the year when you can expect bookings to drop off.  But what about the rest of the year? Do a search on Google or YouTube, and you’ll find as many responses out … Read more

June Drop in Bookings

Summertime… And the Livin’ is Easy… Unless you’re an online ESL teacher. Where are the students? This is actually simple… if you take the time to think it through. The students are still enrolled… but they are booking fewer classes. Why? They’re booking fewer classes because they are studying for exams. China has a long … Read more

Gogokid: “Credit Score” Bonus Pay

All ESL companies have base pay, which is per class. It is often stated as “hourly” which, in Gogokid’s case, would be for two classes. In my experience, most companies also have bonuses and incentives as well as fines. Gogokid is a little bit different in this respect. Although they occasionally offer an incentive, their … Read more

Squee! I’m the VIPanda!

I first checked out Feedback Panda (this is a referral link  – see below) because of the free trial. My current solution for tracking my previous notes on students wasn’t working as well as I’d like, and that first month was free. It took me about two weeks to find my stride, and then I … Read more

Tips to Fill Your Booking Calendar

You’ve been hired… now, what’s next? The most important thing you can do is to get bookings. While this might seem obvious, you’re at a crucial point where this is super important. Most companies will highlight new teachers in some way for the first week or two that you’re available. After that, you’re on your … Read more

What Times Can I Work Teaching ESL Online?

It comes up in conversation: Someone is curious about teaching ESL online, and asking me questions based on their experience teaching offline – questions about prep, lesson planning, materials… At some point, the topic of time comes up, and I explain about peak demand time. Peak demand time is the highest demand period for teachers. … Read more

What Will I Be Paid to Teach English Online?

Knowing what you will be paid to teach English online should be one of the first questions that come to your mind. Now, if you want specifics on rates from a couple of different companies, you can check out articles that I published here and here. However, I encourage you to read the following so you … Read more

Six Reasons NOT to Teach ESL Online

  You think teaching online will be easier than teaching in your brick and mortar job. It’s not easier (just different). Kids are still kids, and English skills are still English skills.What is easier is that your entire job is… teaching. Uh-huh. No lunch duty, no playground coverage, no bus line. I actually enjoyed those times, but … Read more