Gogokid: “Credit Score” Bonus Pay

All ESL companies have base pay, which is per class. It is often stated as “hourly” which, in Gogokid’s case, would be for two classes. In my experience, most companies also have bonuses and incentives as well as fines. Gogokid is a little bit different in this respect. Although they occasionally offer an incentive, their … Read more

What Will I Be Paid to Teach English Online?

Knowing what you will be paid to teach English online should be one of the first questions that come to your mind. Now, if you want specifics on rates from a couple of different companies, you can check out articles that I published here and here.¬†However, I encourage you to read the following so you … Read more

Gogokid Pay Structure

understand the gogokid pay structure and grow your money tree

Gogokid pay structure is simple and straightforward compared to some other companies. But… you still need to pay attention to make the most for your time.¬† The highest base pay is $10/class, and I have only encountered very, very few teachers who will admit they were offered this. (Note: per the contract, Gogokid teachers are … Read more

VIPKID Pay Structure

nuture your VIPKID Pay Structure

VIPKID pay structure is different than other companies I’ve worked for. It’s a little more complex. Once I was able to figure it out, I find it to be very, very reliable. Base pay (per 25 minute class + feedback on your own) ranges from $7-11. So, base is $14-$22/hour. You get an additional $1/class … Read more