Gogokid: “Credit Score” Bonus Pay

All ESL companies have base pay, which is per class. It is often stated as “hourly” which, in Gogokid’s case, would be for two classes. In my experience, most companies also have bonuses and incentives as well as fines. Gogokid is a little bit different in this respect. Although they occasionally offer an incentive, their primary incentive/bonus comes through the Gogokid credit score system.

reward bonus for a good credit score

You earn points for desired activities, such as:

  • Teaching classes (3 classes taught = 1 point)
  • Great parent feedback (A five-star parent feedback = 1 point)

penalty for undesirable work

You lose points for undesirable issues:

  • Teacher IT finish code
  • Teacher no-show
  • Teacher cancellation.
  • Being late to class or leaving early
  • “Inappropriate behavior” including, but not limited to: behaving negatively toward a student, providing contact information to be used outside the Gogokid platform, using inappropriate language in class. (Basically, if it’s unprofessional… don’t do it.

Here’s how the credit score impacts specifically impacts your pay:

  • Everyone starts at 100 points.
  • When you reach 110 points, you are paid 110% of your base pay.
  • When you reach 120 points, you are paid 125% of your base pay.
  • We all max out at 120 points.

In case you are concerned… I have lost points once because I needed to cancel a class, and I was able to re-earn those points with no extra effort before the next pay. I’m not encouraging other teachers to be “flip” about their responsibilities. But life happens. It’s fair that the company rewards (or penalizes) me for my consistent reliability, and I very much appreciate the opportunity to “restore their faith” in me by quickly getting my Gogokid credit score back to maximum.

Since I first reached 120 points, I have been consistently paid at that level.

Here’s a video. It will walk you through and it also explains how this month’s credit score impacts next month’s pay.  Two things:

  1. Yes, my math is off ($8.50 time 100 classes is $850.00, not $8500.00 LOL).
  2. I refer to this as a “social” score, whereas it actually says “Credit Score” in the portal. Sorry ’bout that. I’ll re-record this at some point, but for the time being, the explanation of how it works is accurate.

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