Gogokid Pay Structure

Gogokid pay structure is simple and straightforward compared to some other companies. But… you still need to pay attention to make the most for your time. 
The highest base pay is $10/class, and I have only encountered very, very few teachers who will admit they were offered this. (Note: per the contract, Gogokid teachers are not supposed to disclose how much they are paid per class.)
Like many other companies, teachers have a base rate. This base rate is for teaching a class and submitting feedback (written outside class) within the specified time frame. Base pay at Gogokid ranges from $7-10/class, or $14-$20/hour. Base pay is set according to criteria such as your experience and your performance in your interview,
After the base rate, things differ.
Teachers have what the company calls a “social score.”
You earn points for some things:
  • completed classes (finish code AS SCHEDULED or STUDENT NO SHOW 24 HOURS)
  • 5 star parent feedback

You lose points for other things:


When your score reaches 110, you get your pay times 110%. When it reached 120, you max out and get paid 125% of your base pay.

So, if your base rate is $8/class ($16/hour), when your score reaches 110, you are paid $17.60/hour. When it reaches 120, you are paid $20/hour.

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