Long time no write.

I’m sorry. I’ve neglected this site… and I’ve neglected my writing. In my defense, I can say – I have been busy.

I’ve continued to work teaching ESL online, although (since January), I’m currently only working for one company. But, that’s another post.

Since last August, I’ve been teaching English speaking students, based in the U.S. and Europe. I’ve been teaching a variety of humanities classes to middle school and high school students. While there was a definite learning curve, it’s been a very positive experience.

I’ll be frank – my previous experience working online, both as a V.A. and as an ESL teacher helped a TON. It was a lot less work for me to figure out how to get my work done (at times, I was teaching on four different platforms for four different companies). It also helped me to communicate with my students when they’d have difficulty. Back when I was in middle school, all I had to do was finish the assignment and hand it in. Literally – I handed it to my teacher. My students this year have to complete the assignment, and then successfully figure out how and where to upload files. Together, we’ve worked through it, but I was glad that I was comfortably ahead in terms of experience.

It’s also been fascinating to be part of established online education at a time when much of the world found itself “suddenly-schooling”   – teachers thrown into figuring out how to create remote learning experiences for their students, parents trying to juggle working from home while overseeing their children’s schoolwork (usually multiple levels). Sure, I’ve been doing that for 13 years… but I sure didn’t start overnight! I had years to build up to my schedule today. My hat is off to all the parents and teachers who are making this work.

I’ve got a couple of weeks left in the semesters I’m teaching, and then I plan to take more time so that I can get back to writing.

Thanks for checking in.

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