Open and Closing Pics with ManyCam

I often read people saying they tried ManyCam, but ran into issues with their classroom software. It’s possible that they might be asking “too much” of the processor in their computers. I’m not particularly shy when it comes to trying something techy that’s new to me, and when I started with ManyCam, I saw some of these glitches happening and realized I needed to back down a little. Until I got the hang of things, the main thing I used ManyCam for was to share a picture of me in place of a live camera feed. I find that having a cute picture lets the student know that I’m coming, and I like to share something similar at the end after we’ve said good-bye. I find that this helps me avoid the awkward time after I’ve said good-bye before I find the “exit” button from the classroom.

I’d seen lots of examples of teachers creating these using a colored printer and a tube placed over their cameras (I never got the hang of this). I’ve seen others created in PowerPoint. My solution was to use Bitmoji and then show the image in place of a camera feed.

Here’s a video of the process. I start out sharing on my iPad, but you can do this on a mobile phone, as well. I emailed the image to my computer and continued from there using ManyCam.

I hope this helps. I have a feeling this might raise some questions. If so – great! Please ask away! You can email me at, comment below, or send me a message here.


I’m Sandra Girouard, and I’ve been blessed with a long teaching career – first as a music teacher, then an instructional technology manager. When my family’s needs meant traveling and later moving around the country, I began the adventure of homeschooling and eventually working online. Teaching online has allowed me to return to passion my of working with children (besides my own), and lets me spend time each day with students and parents at home and across the world. If you’d like some specific feedback on increasing your bookings or have any other questions about teaching ESL online, I’d love to hear from you. Click here to send me a message.

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