Peak Hours Comparison of China and U.S. Time Zones

It was almost a year after I started teaching that the time zone issues stopped being confusing. Now, any time of day, I know what time it is in Beijing. I actually do better with that than time zones that are only an hour difference.

I made this little chart for reference. Check it out:

A few quick notes:

  • “Hot” or “Peak” hours are just that – the hours with the most demand. Monday through Friday, that’s 6:00 to 10:00 in the evening in China.
  • The reddish cells, sometimes called “Peak-Peak” times are the most in demand. These are between 7:00 and 9 PM in China.
  • Remember, China does not observe Daylight Saving Time. For that reason, the relationship between their time zone and our time zones changes twice a year.
  • Did you note the asterisk? This time slot is not offered by all companies; I teach for a company where I consistently have this time slot filled.

Questions? Let me know in the comments.