Sometimes you have to laugh.

I popped in here and saw the title of my last post… apologizing for not writing more often and then disappearing again for two and a half months.

To be fair… I have been here. I just haven’t been writing for the front end. I use this site to store some of my learning materials, and that’s what I came by to see today. But I also decided I could not walk away without saying something to anyone who stops in.

The first half of 2020 has been a wild ride. While there’s been a lot of difficulty in the world, some of the changes on our home front have been good.

I’m really glad not to run around as much. We used to be out seven days a week (that’s a household that “home”schools and both parents work from home. Between shopping, taekwondo, and church, we were guaranteed to be out at least once a day, every day. I’m glad to have that time back.

We still study taekwondo… just via Zoom.

Our friends’ churches meet via Zoom… Ours puts streams services on Facebook.

But my husband and I have been busy – busier than we expected. He works in a support industry for the legal industry. When times are difficult for society, lawyers work harder (and so do their support people).

I’ve been teaching aComputer Applications Summer Intensive: intensive because the students and I are working through a full credit’s worth of material in 16 class meetings over eight weeks. We’re at the halfway point – whew.

I’ve continued to teach my (mostly) full load at VIPKid (that’s a referral link, BTW). “Fully booked” is one of those your-mileage-may-vary things. I open between 30 and 34 slots each week. I’m averaging 30 classes a week. I’ll take that.

I also started teaching with Outschool. I had put this off because I wanted to be able to take time and focus, to really understand what I might be getting into. It’s been one month, and so far, I’m pretty happy. I’ll write more about Outschool later (but soon. Really.)

Okay. Time to get back to that student-directed content (aka lesson planning….)


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