Squee! I’m the VIPanda!

I first checked out Feedback Panda (this is a referral link  – see below) because of the free trial. My current solution for tracking my previous notes on students wasn’t working as well as I’d like, and that first month was free. It took me about two weeks to find my stride, and then I was hooked.

So, I was thrilled when I received an email telling me I’d been selected as a V.I.P.anda! (V.I.P.anda’s are ESL teachers featured on the Feedback Panda blog). This was a unique and welcome opportunity to share my experience teaching ESL online.

I’m an avid user of Feedback Panda, but I was still surprised (and thrilled) when they contacted me to let me know that I’d been selected to be featured as a V.I.P.anda on their blog.

This means a lot to me. When I taught in brick and mortar schools, within a few years, I was actively supporting other teachers. I’ve served as a school-wide instructional technology manager, and I’ve participated in one-on-one mentorship programs. But mostly – it’s just modeling (a lot like with the students). Another teacher sees you do something and says, “Wow – wish I could do that,” and that’s my opening to show them that they can.

Online teaching has been such a wonderful experience, I’ve really felt a burden to share to help others who have an interest in exploring it. Being selected as a V.I.P.anda is a big help in sharing my story with others!

You can read the Feedback Panda blog post by clicking here.

If you’d rather watch, check out my conversation with Danielle:

If you’re already teaching ESL online and haven’t tried Feedback Panda yet, I encourage you to give it a try. Use your free trial on a month when you know you’ll have the time to learn it. If you use my referral link (click here), and you decide to subscribe, you’ll pay $10/month instead of the full price of $15/month (1/3 off!) If you pay annually, you’ll pay $110 instead of $150. Either way, you save big by using my referral link.


As I said, the first couple of months, everything took me the same amount of time. But then things clicked. Now, I can put out personalized, customized feedback that is organized and professional in very little time. Thank you, Feedback Panda!

This post contains referral links. If you use my referral link and subscribe, you will receive a discounted price as described above. If three people subscribe using my referral link, then I receive one month’s credit for using Feedback Panda.