VIPKID Pay Structure

VIPKID pay structure is different than other companies I’ve worked for. It’s a little more complex. Once I was able to figure it out, I find it to be very, very reliable.

Base pay (per 25 minute class + feedback on your own) ranges from $7-11. So, base is $14-$22/hour.

  • You get an additional $1/class for being on time & staying for the full class length.
  • You also get an additional 50 cents per class once you teach 30 classes in a calendar month, OR an additional $1/class once you teach 45 classes in a calendar month.
I always get both “extras.” I plan for it to make it happen.
So, that raises my per class rate an additional $2.
Most referrals are now getting higher base pay than when I started. That’s not a hard statistic, sorry. I’m basing that on what I’ve read many teachers share on social media. However, I don’t think anyone should expect top base pay unless you have an active state teaching credential/certificate. I have a masters in education, but not having a current certificate when I applied (I had let mine expire) I am certain cost me up to $1/class. Oh, well.
Your base rate will be based on:
  • Your mock teaching (there’s a pretty strict rubric,  not much wiggle room for the mentor)
  • Your experience (I’ve been teaching for 30 years, but for me, they only counted certain experience… this is different for everyone)
  • Whether you have a state-issued teaching certificate.
Raises are
  • based on another strict rubric
  • issued on odd number contracts if you qualify. So, contract 3, contract 5, contract 7, etc.
  • They are 50 cents per class. I thought that was peanuts… but I still see a difference on payday. So, I’ll take it.

Interested in working with VIPKID? Sign up to learn more. I’d appreciate it if you are willing to use my referral link (click here). I will receive a referral fee if you are hired and successfully teach classes. If you’re looking for help – I’m happy to share! You can send me a message by clicking here.