Yes, I still use Feedback Panda

I started using Feedback Panda about two months into my online teaching journey. I have used it with VIPKid (still do), GoGokid and DaDa (where I no longer teach), and now I use it with … Outschool. Yep. I really do (keep reading for why)

I really, really thought about leaving FBP this when the business was sold. I was not (and still am not) impressed with the value the new ownership places on my business. The truth is, I can replace them with a Google sheets.

Side note: I know I can keep notes in the VIPKid system, but I prefer not to. I find the VIPKid system cumbersome. Also, my personal notes aren’t key to VIPKid’s corporate mission. We all know times are tight (remember the pay restructuring?). If I were a decision-maker there and we needed to pinch pennies anywhere… I would totally consider data storage costs. Why do you think the classrooms kick us out after 40 minutes? Data storage costs. (Yes, yes, yes, I KNOW, never stay past 28 minutes. I haven’t done it, but I have read MANY teachers staying just to chat with students and parents after their last class. That’s what I’m referring to. )

Anyway. Why do I keep Feedback Panda?

  • I get what I (originally) signed up for, and I use it. I can (and have) looked back to my first notes on students I’ve worked with for three (or more) years now.
  • Change your name there, Bao Bao? I know who you are!
  • On that note, the integration is nice. I can save my notes in a Google Sheets document (that’s exactly what I did before signing up for FBP). BUt searching them is a pain. I use the Google Slides Planner, and I just prefer FBP’s interface and searchability.
  • Parent feedback. I can quickly see if I was left any apples. Are Mom and Dad happy?

But why do you use it with Outschool?

Really, for many of the reasons above. Yes, I know that feedback isn’t required in the same way. But here’s what I thought about.

When I had a private studio, I always had a word with the parent when the student left. He did great at _____ today! She really conquered that passage! And I like to have a word with the student, too. Nice work today! Remember to observe all the b-flats, okay?

I don’t keep these comments in FBP. Rather, my Outschool FBP templates are similar to my VIPKid templates. I have a list of what I planned to cover in the class that day. Then I can quickly go in, delete what I don’t want to talk about, offer suggestions and praise. Voilá! Copy, paste, send to learner.

I am very careful to not share the exact same message to two different students. Is some of the information the same? Well, yes. They have the same homework assignment. But there is no need for me to send them duplicate comments. Feedback Panda (affiliate link) lets me quickly make personalize responses (both to the learner and the parent) and save records quickly in a central space.

This post contains an affiliate link.

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